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We provide a selection of beautiful cabins and make it easy to finance your investment.

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You are invited to have your own cabin at Kasaba and be part of something special.  A place where you can relax and find peace, while also meeting new and old friends in nature.

Learn about how you can live with a smaller footprint, more healthy and sustainably.

You’ll enjoy common areas including the swimming pool, sauna, coworking space, outdoor settings, firepits, kitchen, food gardens and walking tracks.

When you’re not there, you can earn income from cabin rentals. Not bad huh!


About the Cabins

You pick the cabin that meets your needs and we do the installation and landscaping for you.


There are a variety of sizes and styles of cabins we can use and we'd love to hear what is most interesting to you.

Financing is available from $500 per month with a 20% down payment.

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About the Village

We offer three ways for you to have a tiny home cabin at Kasaba - ​private​, ​rental ​or timeshare​.

With ​private​ membership you pay for your space and utilities and stay as long as the law allows you to; most places are limited to 9 months a year.

The ​rental​ plan means Kasaba manages your cabin rentals and shares the income with you. Each year in July you can reserve dates for the following year, then in August it opens to others.

Timeshare​ means you subscribe for one month a year to stay at any of the Kasaba villages. Different tiers allow you to stay in tents, bungalows or cabins.


Here’s what people have been saying they want KASABA to be: 

“Beautiful shared spaces and resources. Close to mountains, woods, and water sources. Being out of the car rat race.” Tina


“Community and freedom.” Rosemarie


"A place to connect with nature, grow my own food, and help out with group projects/events." Tim

“Have a sense of community that I can come back to."  Jinevra 


“I'm a minimalist and nature enthusiast. I currently live in a cabin in the redwoods outside of San Francisco, and I'm looking to invest in a secondary property that I can use both as a retreat and a rental.” Zachary

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