You can be part of a sustainable, affordable tiny home retreat.



You are invited to have your own cabin at KASABA and be part of something special.

A place for you to relax and find peace, while also meeting new and old friends in nature.  You’ll enjoy common areas including the swimming pool, sauna, coworking space, outdoor settings, firepits, kitchen, food gardens and walking tracks.

The cohesion amongst the community is supported by the Village Code containing our agreements for how things will work. It also guides us on how we make decisions together. 


This means you can participate in decisions that impact what happens in the village.


Being part of the community means you have a home to go back to, with people you know and love.

The full-time Host is the community catalyst who helps co-create activities like film nights, yoga, meditation, motivational mornings, guest speakers and games. With a lot of spontaneous dancing in between.


The people who will be joining the community are diverse in age, skills, nationality and gender, but they are all passionate about wellness, mindfulness and caring for our planet.


You can enjoy unscheduled interactions with other members every day; letting flow and happenstance guide you. 




We are listening. 

Here’s what people have been telling us they want:

“A community of like-minded individuals who are respectful of nature, eco-friendly, and invested in leaving a minimal ecological footprint.”


“Part time writing retreat & part time real estate     



“Have my own special place to be in nature but still stay connected to work part of the year, travel and live in other places more affordably.”


"A home to go to relax, refocus, meet new people and be part of a like minded community."


"The ability to co-work/co-live with an entrepreneurial community in a sustainable ecosystem."


“Community and freedom”


"Quiet and peaceful, lots of options for a combination of social and privacy needs."


“Great people who are like minded coming together to live, work, be social, and relax together.”