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We are providing spaces for cabins in the first KASABA village, located within a 2-3 hour drive of San Francisco. We are accepting deposits from interested people. 

Refundable Deposit Details:

You can reserve a place by submitting the form below and sending a check for USD$1000.



  • The first 10 deposits get $500 per month off the first year of membership ($6,000 savings)

  • Every reserved place will receive priority cabin/site selection (in order of deposit date)

  • You have peace of mind you have a place in the KASABA village



A full refund is only available if KASABA has been unable to secure a suitable property within six months of the deposit date. 

KASABA reserves the right to cancel reservations and provide full refunds at any time.

Deposit Form
Please fill out this form and send a check for USD$1000 to:


300 Delaware Ave

Ste 210 #220

Wilmington, DE 19801


Reservation received.

Thank you for being part of KASABA.

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