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Kasaba Rhea

Come to detox in an immersive nature experience.

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Situated in the Rolling Hills of Mendocino County

If you are living in San Francisco and want a place in nature to be with friends, learn new skills, or just chill for the weekend, Kasaba Rhea is for you.


Rhea’s namesake is the goddess of flow, honoring the gift of abundant spring water at the first Kasaba village, situated in the rolling hills of Mendocino County.

You can stay in lush glamping accommodation, swim in the pond, walk the labyrinth, laze in the hammocks or volunteer in the community garden.


Our open-air event space will be home to sound healing, yoga and other group events. 


Come to detox in an immersive nature experience.

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Our Vision

To create a balance between human and more than human needs that restores biological and cultural diversity. At the same time enabling personal and interpersonal development, resiliency, and creative expression for Rhea’s stewards and the wider community.

Kasaba Rhea Plan

Every aspect of our permaculture design seeks to nourish and restore the land, creating an abundant food forest for everyone to enjoy.


Our plan honors the importance of water by helping to soak, spread and store water during the wet winter months.

You will be able to visit our peaceful retreat on 40 acres in Northern California. 


It provides a truly awe-inspiring wilderness experience, just 2.5 hours from San Francisco.

Cosmic Center - Kasaba Rhea

Kasaba Rhea

Kasaba Rhea is a sanctuary of flow, a site full of serene views, and home to a vibrant emergent community. Inspired by Rhea, the Goddess of Flow, this site’s design was inspired by the expansive views of Mendocino County.  Several luxurious tiny homes offer private sanctuary for the residents and guests of Kasaba Rhea.

The central gathering space provides shade and shelter to support scheduled programming, spontaneous gathering, and the daily ritual of the collective enjoyment of magnificent sunsets. The architecture is tailored to the site, however through the utilization of fabric structures, the majority of the structures can easily be transported to another site.

Cosmic Center

The Cosmic Center is the pulsing heartbeat of Kasaba Rhea. It is a sacred space for communal gatherings, and is designed for movement, ceremony, celebrations, and the daily ritual of gathering together to honor the day’s end as the sun sets over the beautiful westward vista. The center is also a place for play, for conversation, for communion, and for whatever emergent activities arise from within the community. With built in storage spaces 

and seasonal walls when needed, the Cosmic Center accommodates a wide range of programming and activity year round. The eastern entry is not only the most sensible for the layout of the whole site, it is also auspiciously significant in the contexts of many sacred building philosophies. The wood flooring is a unique form of floating floor, which has many benefits including increased comfort for all movement activities.


The Hearth Center is the area between the Common House and the Cosmic Center, linked by the shade sails radiating from the Cosmic Center. The Hearth is a rich place of activity, featuring a Cobb oven and benches which warmly invite gathering, conversation, and communion over a shared meal. The sails provide shade for both comfort under the Californian sun and the conditions for a lush permaculture food forest to thrive.

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Common House

A secure space to retreat from the elements. Contains a kitchen, dining area and lounge. Indoor shower/toilet.


Cosmic Center

An open air stage for group gatherings such as sound healing, breathwork ceremonies, yoga and silent discos.

Bathing Zone

A place to unwind in the sauna, hot tub and plunge into the spring-fed pond.

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We have three tiers of accommodation to cater for different needs and budgets.


Tier 1

Bring your own tent, van or roll out a mat out in the shared spaces.

Tier 2

Domes and bell tents

Tier 3

Self-contained (own bathroom) cabins and domes

Eternal Forest

Kasaba Rhea will be one of the 1000 Eternal Forest Sanctuaries being created by The Eternal Forest eco-art project.


Together we will regenerate a forest over the next 1000 years - increasing biodiversity and creating a healthy local ecosystem, while creating a space for everyone to enjoy. 

Members, stewards and guests of Kasaba Rhea become supporters and guardians of the Eternal Forest for years to come. 

The Eternal Forest will be designed into the heart of Kasaba Rhea and will be co-created with permaculture specialists and local experts in land management. 





Alchemy Center

Experience Design

Merinda Garrett

Interior Design

Tom Reid

General Contractor

Jessa Carter Creative

Graphic Design


Aranya Solutions

Permaculture Workshops

Healer Collective

Healing Gatherings

Anywhere Outpost

Camping Supplies

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